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Cross Body Bag 🙂


A cross body bag can be the teensy little break from the big ones.   Because let’s face it. There are days when you feel like carrying a small cross body purse without hurting your shoulder or having a sack that won’t distract you when you’re out hanging with your friends, boyfriend, or going shopping!

They are a great swap from schlumpy backpacks and when you don’t feel like carrying your whole life in one large bag anymore. Did I mention they’re cute too? The cross body bag has an extra long strap that allows you to loop the strap over one shoulder, and across your body. It rests on your waist or hip, keeping your hands free.
Cross body bags are available in many styles to suit each and every woman’s needs, from the classic and versatile leather to sexy patent, hip and eclectic boho prints to practical messengers, and many, many more!

Whether you’re buying online or not, always take a note of the strap length, or atleast buy a bag with an adjustable strap. A cross-body bag should fall on either your waist or hip (or wherever you want to draw attention to) and never below your upper thigh. Cross-body bags are functional fashion accessories created for men, women, and children. A cross – body bag typically remains secure when in place, while offering the wearer easy access to his or her items. As with any bag, the materials and construction method vary. The size and shape of the bag will also vary according to personal preference and needs. Consumers can also look for vintage bags with an aged look, or a new bag that might happen to be the popular trend of the season.  Cross-body bags can be purchased at some clothing stores, accessory retailers, department stores, and at online marketplaces like

Most cross-body bags will have more than one compartment, but not more than four, including an outside pouch. To appeal to the user on the go, most bags will have a special section that only fits pens or pencils, and another for a cell phone or electronic device.

A female cross-body bag can serve several functions. If the cross-body bag is a designer Coach or Prada bag, it will hold substantially fewer items. Smaller bags will hold an electronic device, sometimes two, as well as lipstick and a few small personal items. Some females prefer a cross-body bag to relieve their back and shoulders from centralized weight, while others prefer the cross-body for similar reasons as men. Larger cross-body bags for women will offer similar compartments as a male bag, but might be smaller in size and weight.

Children have smaller cross-body bags available to them. School bags are available for children in multiple styles, with cross-body being one of the newer options. They will have the same sections for pens, pencils, notebooks, and books. The bag might also have a section for a water bottle or snack on the outside of the bag to provide easy access.

Whether purchasing a cross-body bag for business or pleasure, a cotton bag or leather, the amount of combinations, choices, and price points is endless. Casual travelers might benefit from a light bag while others need a large bag for their large amount of personal items. Women will typically have more variety in bag choices and sizes versus men, but the style can also be similar across the genders. Ensuring the bag is comfortable and functional is essential to purchasing a cross-body bag that will last a long time.